Expert precision in color grading & workflow design

Expert precision in color grading & workflow design

DIFFERENCE is a modern color grading and postproduction boutique located in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. We provide a variety of smart in-house solutions, including high-end digital color grading, editing, compositing, and finishing services.

What We Do Best inhouse. Our services.

We build teams. We scale projects.

We build teams. We scale projects.

We build the right team around our core team to achieve the most pragmatic results depending on project complexity, ensuring the highest quality. We combine the most essential crafts in-house, focusing on our specializations. And what others do best, we seamlessly integrate into our workflow.

DaVinci REsolve

Color Grading 4K/8K

Digital Color Grading & Conform is the core of our main business. Everything we do revolves around DaVinci Resolve.

Adobe Premiere

Editing in 4K

Our edit suite is 40sqm, equipped with state-of-the-art tech and software enhancements for real-time 4K work.

Flame & After Effects

Compositing & VFX

Our comp department focuses on digital tweaks. We combine on-prem Flame work with global remote collaborations.

cinema 4D & Unreal

3D Assets Creation

We create 3D assets like CI logos, environments, car details, and much more for online snippets and branded content.

DaVinci Resolve & Flame

Finishing & Deliver

Smart and intelligent workflows enable fast format adaptations. We develop AI workflows to enhance project delivery performance. Scale. Tweak. Deliver.

Team Building

Tailor-Made teams for specific requirements

We create local and global teams to meet specific project requirements, aiming to reduce costs and increase transparency. We are constantly expanding our roster to provide the best possible tailor-made postproduction services.


We're not just media nerds; we're also developers.

Our core team consists of a Senior Colorist & AI enthusiast, a Senior Full-Stack Application Developer, a Senior Editor, and a Senior Lead Flame Compositor. Besides our passion for mastering films, we offer AI consulting and data-driven process analysis and optimization. Particularly, we implement AI-supported workflows to boost productivity in everyday tasks.


A curated selection of projects in which we played a key role