Color Grading

Mastering digital color grading & conform

Mastering digital color grading & conform

With 15 years of experience mainly in the commercial, we cover all areas from high-end TVC big budgets to small budgets. We work with three in-house colorists and have access to a large national and international pool of senior colorists. A significant benefit of our internal color pipeline is the efficient management of subsequent tasks on graded material. This includes market adaptation, additional shots, material recycling, and fine-tuning. This capability extends even if the work was done by a freelance colorist.

Head of color

Stefan King, Senior Colorist

Stefan King is our Head of Color and workflow architect with over 15 years of experience in commercials and branded content. He is a trained IT specialist with a focus on application development and AI management, and the mastermind behind ( His weapon of choice: DaVinci Resolve

Technical Facts

3 suites, state-of-the-art 31′ reference HDR monitors

  • Everything Optimized for high-end content & TVC/Ad work

  • 3 high performance color grading suites

  • 1 high performance conforming suite

  • 2 DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panels

  • 31′ HDR zero-black reference color grading monitor

  • 65′ HDR zero-black reference client monitor

  • Alle suites are Mac, 28-Core, 4 GPU based

  • All suites are connected to a 1gbit sync fibre internet connection

  • On-Premises media asset management & file sharing environment

  • DaVinci Resolve remote color grading

  • Realtime online reference monitoring with