Since 2018

Since 2018, we've been shaking up the industry. At least, we're trying to.

Since 2007, we've worked as an integrated freelancer pool, primarily serving automotive and lifestyle clients. In 2018, DIFFERENCE was established as a company to bring consistency to our approach. Thanks to our diverse core team, our expertise extends beyond media content creation to cross-industry specific workflow architecture. We love film, color grading, and compositing, but also application development and AI. We combine these fields to make film post-production as effective as possible.

Our clients primarily hire us for post-production, but also for workflow and AI consulting. We develop teams to manage projects effectively. We don’t compete against agencies or large post-production houses. To be honest, we love it when specialists complement our workflow, and together we achieve the best result. We value outsourcing as much as insourcing. We communicate this, calculate transparently, and supervise the process.