Digital Editing

State-of-the-Art editing in 4K

State-of-the-Art editing in 4K

Our editing suite is 40qm in size equipped with state-of-the-art workstations and software enhancements to ensure realtime performance in 4K and a seamless editing experience. The suite is connected to our color grading and VFX bay. Our clients can benefit from a full range of post-production services under one roof. 

Technical Facts

Exclusive 40sqm premium editing suite.

  • High Performance Editing in 4K & HD 

  • Optimized for high-end content & TVC/Ad work

  • High performance editing suite (approx. 40qm)

  • Space for up to 8 Persons

  • Calm environment on the ground floor

  • DaVinci Resolve Mac 16-Core. 4 GPU

  • 2x 27‘ GUI calibrated Monitor Setup

  • Class2 31‘ 4K SDR/ HDR Reference Display

  • LG 65‘ OLED Monitoring SDR/ HDR

  • On-Premises media asset management

  • On-Premises file sharing environment

  • Realtime online reference monitoring with